Evan Huus

Developer, musician, actor, philosopher and wit.
Trying to end up with the right regrets.

The tag line says it all, really. You can also find me on:

All of my online spaces and projects are covered by a code of conduct.

Contact me at eapache@gmail.com.

Recruiters: Thanks for considering me, but I'm really not interested in changing companies right now, especially if it would involve moving to another city and double-especially if it would involve leaving Canada. I quite like it here :)


I am a developer at Shopify, and a core developer of Wireshark. I helped design and write part of Sarama, a Golang client library for Apache Kafka. I am responsible for a couple of tiny pieces of Linux kernel code. My other projects include:

Most of the above list I consider "done", but that doesn't mean unmaintained. I am happy to accept pull requests or bug reports for any of my projects (including the ones listed on GitHub but not big/interesting enough to be listed here).

Conference Talks

I do occasionally give talks at various technical conferences. If you want me to give a talk at a conference you're organizing, just ask!


I have written a few academic papers on computer science topics, mostly as coursework for my degree. Unless otherwise specified they have not been formally published, but all of them received a decent grade :)

For Fun

I spend a great deal of my free time making music in one form or another. You can also find me on stage occasionally (usually in musicals or operettas). In the winter, I am an avid curler.

Opinions and Ideas

As you might expect, I have opinions and ideas about all sorts of random topics. Many of them are more thought experiments than anything, and frequently don't even represent my real views. They certainly don't represent those of my employer etc. etc. etc. Caveat lector.

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