Evan Huus

Developer, musician, actor, philosopher and wit.
Trying to end up with the right regrets.

The tag line says it all, really. I have a blog which is a mix of philosophy, politics, and whatever random thought hits me. You can also find me on:

All of my online spaces and projects are covered by a code of conduct.

Contact me at eapache@gmail.com.

Note to recruiters: Thanks for considering me, but I'm really not interested in changing companies right now, especially if it would involve moving to another city and double-especially if it would involve leaving Canada. I quite like it here :)


I am a developer lead at Shopify, and a core developer of Wireshark. I helped design and write part of Sarama, a Golang client library for Apache Kafka. I am responsible for a couple of tiny pieces of Linux kernel code. My other projects include:

Most of the above list I consider "done", but that doesn't mean unmaintained. I am happy to accept pull requests or bug reports for any of my projects (including the ones listed on GitHub but not big/interesting enough to be listed here).

I am not a frequent speaker on the conference circuit, but I've done a few:


I have written a few academic papers on computer science topics, mostly as coursework for my degree. Unless otherwise specified they have not been formally published, but all of them received a decent grade!

On my own time (never reviewed in any form), I designed an interesting little cryptographic e-voting system. I know only enough about cryptography to know how likely it is that this is terribly flawed in some way, so take it with a grain of salt.

For Fun

I spend a great deal of my free time making music in one form or another. You can also find me on stage occasionally (usually in musicals or operettas). In the winter, I am an avid curler.



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